Who We Are

Damion Jackson

Damion is a father of two and a 19-year veteran of the Detroit Metro Police Department.  His natural interest and passion towards helping and protecting people has led to him providing personal protection for celebrities, primarily actors over the last seven years.

Scott Markus

Scott has worked in film/tv/video since he started up his own production company at age 16.  He has gone on to work in production in various aspects on some of the largest productions, from “Lost” to “Dark Knight.”  He currently works as a camera operator and film editor in Los Angeles, though his main passion is writing.  A book on ghost stories he wrote, led to annual speaking tours and a currently in-development ghost hunting reality show.

2 comments on “Who We Are

  1. Hey guys, if you ever need a celebrity handler for Canadian events, please let me know. I am a full time civilian member of Peel Regional Police in Brampton ontario and have been working cons for a few years. I have references, a professional and con resume if you are interested. Thanks!

    • We very much appreciate you reaching out! We do hope to get north of the boarder in the new year. If something works out, we’ll be sure to drop you a line to better introduce ourselves!

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