New Client Welcome

Thank you for deciding to sign on with Emergence!

These conventions / signings / autograph shows / (whatever you want to call them) are a very unique way to connect with your fans and past colleagues and take home a little cash in the process.

Many of our clients are first timers so we want to take a moment to go over how the events run, what you should do to be prepared and what you can expect of us.

To start, You Are Responsible For Bringing Your Own Merchandise to Sign, but we will be with you every step of the way.  Fans will undoubtedly bring their own items from home for you to sign, but just about as many will arrive hoping to buy something from you personally.  A variety of 8×10 photographs is always suggested.  If you don’t have a good assortment of items, let us know and we will work with you to track down images for you to sell (We do not charge for this service).  We can also arrange for the mass printing of photos.  We have connections to print houses that will provide the most afforable, photo quality printing ANYWHERE, keeping costs down to increase your profit. Please be in contact with us as early as possible to organize printing as it can take a few days for the print job to be complete.  When we say you are responsible for the merchandise, we mean that financially too.  Sometimes it does make sense for us to front the money, but we do require payment as soon as our event begins.

Emergence co-founder Scott Markus is a bit of a PhotoShop guru, so existing photos can be edited or and new products created for you to sell.  Again, this is one of the many unique free services that you can only find with Emergence.

During the event we will provide a sign and banner for your table that lists some of your notable credits as well as the prices you wish to charge for your items.  Pricing is up to you, but we will advise you on what we’ve seen work in the past.  We will also provide a worker stationed at your table with you.  This worker will handle all of the exchanges so you don’t have to worry about being a salesperson/cashier.

Please arrive to the showroom floor about fifteen minutes prior to doors opening.  Check with us for specifics.  Occasionally there are unadvertised VIP showings before the general admission crowd arrives and stay for the whole day as there’s usually a last minute rush as people are getting more items on their way out.  We don’t want to pass up a sale!

In some rare instances, a show may offer you a guarantee.  How do guarantees work?  For example, if a show offers you a guarantee of $3,000 for two days, they are promising you that you will sell at least that much merchandise/autographs.  If you sell more, wonderful.  If you sell less than $3,000 worth of merchandise, the show owners will themselves buy the remaining amount.  When all is said and done and you’ve only earned $2,800 after two days, the show owners will approach you like a fan would, and buy 10 autographs at $20 a piece, etc.

If you have a guarantee, no money is given up front – it all comes after the final tally based on how much needs to be covered.

In this world, autographs are often be used as currency with the event owners.  It’s common for show owners to ask for a set amount of autographs to offset the cost of airfare and hotel rooms.  This is quite normal.  However, all such deals will be approved by us first.  After all, we are here to look over and protect you.  All shows run a little differently, so don’t hesitate to contact him we with any questions or concerns you may have.

Settling up.  Each night all of the money earned during the day is locked in a safe in your individual money bag.  At the end of the event (or at the end of each day), Damion Jackson or Scott Markus will count out your earnings in front of you, deducting our own seed money we started with (a ‘bank’ of $50 in small bills for making change as well as our standard 10% fee.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Scott Markus at or 310-490-6067. Scott lives in LA and is available to talk with face-to-face if you would like. He can address your concerns and even take you through some of Hollywood’s collector stores to help find prints and merchandise to sell.

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