Emergence offers unparalleled service when it comes to booking you into autograph/collectable shows and other public events.  Founders Damion Jackson and Scott Markus have scouted the largest shows across the country for the past seven years and are now more prepared than ever to not only match the best new talent to the most exciting shows in the country but, to also utilize social media in new ways to connect fans and collectors to their celebrity heros.

We create a safe and easy way to allow actors to Emerge themselves into their fanbase.

Emergence can offer services and amenities that no other talent booking and public appearance group offers!  Simply put, no other company can offer anywhere near this level of personal care and attention.

We’re doing everything we can make the decsision to join our team the only choice.

Standard Services:

Guidance when chosing and finding memorabilia to sell / autograph

Photo re-touching/editing

Notifying fan clubs of your appearances

Organizing printing of your photos for the lowest prices anywhere!

BONUS Services (all free):

Professional-grade, HD video(s) created, promoting you and your appearances on Twitter.

Organizing and executing event-specific photo shoots to create original content for each event (time, scheduling permitting).

Maintaining an online catalogue to continue selling autographs online for you, between events.  All storage and shipping of these autographs is done for you, hassle-free!


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